Gallery: Vietnam

This media fam trip to Ho Chi Minh City was a continuing collaboration between AirAsia and TV3's Majalah Tiga. Travel writers from four publications - Kosmo!, NST, Berita Harian and Harian Metro were also invited to promote AirAsia's second destination in Vietnam after Hanoi. Enjoy the photos!


AirAsia Sales Office in HCMC


Catching my breath at the oldest post office in HCMC


Famous landmark in the middle of HCMC, the Cathedral.


Fairuz Zaidan from BH, he's a true poser! 


'Bagai melepaskan Fairuz tersepit' means... never rescue Fairuz
if he 'tersepit' at a gate/door, becoz he will ask u to snap more photos of him! 


A long and bumpy ride from HCMC to visit Cu Chi Tunnel and Cao Dai community. 


On the way to Cu Chi Tunnel, Nurul Syuhada kene sampuk by Anuar Zain


I wonder how did Nurul stays so radiant, after all that looongggg journey...


Viet Cong jungle traps = Innovative + Deadly


World War wrecked @ Cu Chi Tunnel


Cao Dai worshipper 1


Cao Dai worshipper 2


Cao Dai worshipper 3


Waiting for the prayer call


Cao Dai worshippers in the middle of their noon prayer


Outsiders are allowed to witness the prayer from an elevated walkway in the temple


Third world electrical wiring works.


A common sight on the streets of HCMC


Err... mak cik, do you sell Twisties?


Vietnamese kids playing on the street.


Variety of sticky rice. With durian, ground nuts, black beans, colouring, flavouring... my head is spinning!


This lady got mad after I took this photo. She asked (forced) me to buy her rambutans in return for her snapshot. I did not and I left. She laughed! Phew! Pandai buat lawak. 


Nurul in disguise as a celup Vietnamese girl...


Edd Razhe (AirAsia) found his true love. Miss Saigon 1928.


This celup Vietnamese girl trying to steal some wood crafts.


Fairuz again, acting cute at night bazar. Chantekk ker pakai singlet?



fairuz zaidan at February 14, 2009 2:06 PM

ayohhh... takut lah!

hahah... keep good work!



anonymously at February 22, 2009 6:39 AM

Agaknya naik Air Asia tu tak boleh bawak luggage banyak kot. Ada yang pakai baju singlet siang malam dan ada yang kebas baju orang Vietnam pasal tak bawak spare baju sendiri.

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